Welcome Traveler to the U.S.S. Marriott Renaissance!

The U.S.S. Marriott Renaissance, the flagship (host ship) for the BGMO Convergence 38. Convergence is where it all started for Bears, Chubs, Cubs and Chasers! Join us for your own futuristic journey!

Prepare yourself traveler, you are about to enter into the future. For the last 38 years, BGMO has hosted many events around what used to be known as the continental United States of America, in search for this iconic gateway to the future. We have found it in the one place we have never been before, this used to be known as ST. LOUIS, MO.

Now it is your time to join us as we embark on a brand new future for BGMO and its members.

Our Event Packages are priced to harken the days of old, but our themed weekend will take you on a sci fi futuristic voyage as we cast our sights into the future, enjoy time in our Ten Forward Lounge with Guinan and be seated at the captain's table as our VIP guest. Maybe instead you would like to hang out with the bad boys at the stargate cantina, there will be a package to enjoy for everyone's liking.

See the rare earth creatures of the past as we visit the ST Louis Zoo of the twentieth century, and take emersion visits to the iconic gateway itself, but no worries, if you want to stay aboard and join us in the life bath pools from Jupiter Ascending, or join us at the replicator for some cuisine from our ships best chefs. Dance the night away at JABBAs Hut Dance Party, or maybe you want that Old School feel as you dance away to yesterdays rhythm at the Back To The Future Welcome Party. Its your choice, but first traveler you have to choose your boarding pass to the U.S.S Marriott Renaissance, the host ship for Convergence 38. Cabin rates for this journey start at only $99.00 old American earth dollars.

The Concierge Automaton is awaiting your confirmation by clicking the packages page, to pick your course.

OH my, how fun to use a ....wait....what did they call this thing... oh yes, rodent.....wait no....mouse that's it, use your mouse to click on the link!

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